A3 size phonics (Letters and Sounds) board games . 6 phase 3 boards.


Product Description

An adapted easier version of the Spanish game Parchís.
These game boards help practice phonics reading .They include
words from Phase 3 of the Letters and Sounds phonics programme.
(Sets 6 and 7 ,the four consonant digraphs and the phase three vowel graphemes.)
For up to four players .
Children can practice phonics reading , blending and segmentation
,initial sounds,end sounds,etc in a fun way.
6 phonics boards and an empty board for weekly keywords,etc

Suitable for children that need some reinforcing ,ESL,EFL and SEN.

Set 6: j v w x*
Set 7: y z, zz qu*

Four consonant digraphs
ch sh th ng

Phase Three vowel graphemes
ai ee igh oa oo
ar or ur ow oi
ear air ure e